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kgetcred: get a ticket for a particular service


kgetcred - get a ticket for a particular service


kgetcred [--canonicalize] [-c -cache | --cache=cache] [-e enctype | --enctype=enctype] [--no-transit-check] [--version] [--help] service


kgetcred obtains a ticket for a service. Usually tickets for services are obtained automatically when needed but sometimes for some odd reason you want to obtain a particular ticket or of a special type. Supported options: --canonicalize requests that the KDC canonicalize the principal. -c cache, --cache=cache the credential cache to use. -e enctype, --enctype=enctype encryption type to use. --no-transit-check requests that the KDC doesn't do trasnit checking. --version --help


kinit(1), klist(1) KGETCRED(1)

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