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Keymon: Keyboard and mouse monitor window for GTK.


Keymon - Keyboard and mouse monitor window for GTK.


key-mon [options]


-h, --help show this help message and exit -s, --smaller Make the dialog 25% smaller than normal. -l, --larger Make the dialog 25% larger than normal. -m, --meta Show the meta (windows) key. --nometa Opposite of --meta --mouse Show the mouse. --nomouse Opposite of --mouse --shift Show shift key. --noshift Opposite of --shift --ctrl Show the ctrl key. --noctrl Opposite of --ctrl --alt Show the alt key. --noalt Opposite of --alt --scale=SCALE Scale the dialog. ex. 2.0 is 2 times larger, 0.5 is half the size. Defaults to 1.0 --decorated Show decoration --nodecorated Opposite of --decorated --only_combo Show only key combos (ex. Control-A) --noonly_combo Opposite of --only_combo --visible_click Show where you clicked --novisible_click Opposite of --visible_click --kbdfile=KBD_FILE Use this kbd filename instead running xmodmap. --swap Swap the mouse buttons. --noswap Opposite of --swap --emulate-middle When you press the left, and right mouse buttons at the same time, it displays as a middle mouse button click. --noemulate-middle Opposite of --emulate-middle -v, --version Show version information and exit. -t THEME, --theme=THEME The theme to use when drawing status images (ex. "-t apple"). --list-themes List available themes --old-keys=OLD_KEYS How many historical keypresses to show (defaults to 0) --reset Reset all options to their defaults. -d, --debug Output debugging information. --screenshot=SCREENSHOT Create a "screenshot.png" and exit. Pass a comma separated list of keys to simulate(ex. "KEY_A,KEY_LEFTCTRL").


Keymon is a program to help in teaching or podcasting by showing the current status of the mouse buttons and keyboard. Keymon creates a small, borderless window which always stays topmost and monitors the keystrokes and mouse buttons used at any time in any program. Configuration files are saved in ~/.config/key-mon/.
Written by Scott Kirkwood (scott+keymon@forusers.com)
Full documentation for keymon is available at //code.google.com/p/key-mon Send bugs to //code.google.com/p/key-mon/issues/list KEYMON(1)

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