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donkey: alternative for S/KEY's "key" command.


donkey - alternative for S/KEY's "key" command.


donkey [options] sequence seed donkey -i key [option] sequence seed key -i


This manual page documents briefly the donkey, and key commands. This manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution because the original program does not have a manual page. Instead, it has documentation in /usr/share/doc/donkey donkey is an alternative for S/KEY's "key" command. The new feature that the original key doesn't have is print an entry for skeykeys as follows; kazu 0099 al02004 115d83956f1089b6 Apr 26,1995 22:13:27 This means that donkey is also an alternative for "keyinit". Since the entry is printed to stdout (not to /etc/skeykeys), you can easily sent it to remote operator by e-mail (with PGP signature or something). So, it possible to initiate S/KEY without login from the console of the host.


A summary of options are included below. -n num specify number of keys to be calculated. -f func choose hash function from MD2 , MD4 , and MD5
(1) Calculate an One-Time-Password. Execute Donkey with sequence and seed, then input your passphrase. % donkey 80 is12345 Enter passphrase : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SOFT O SAW SWAB CON RODE You can choose hash function from MD2, MD4, and MD5. % donkey 80 is12345 Enter passphrase : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SOFT O SAW SWAB CON RODE %donkey -f md5 80 is12345 Enter passphrase : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LACK WIN ROSE ANNA STUN REEK The default hash function is MD4 due to the historical reason. (2) Calculate some One-Time-Passwords at once. Use -n option. % donkey -n 10 80 is12345 Enter passphrase : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 71: WORE HELL CUB FAR DORA MALE 72: SAIL DAN DONE BEER DAYS MOS 73: PAN TONE THAT TOUT BURY EST 74: KEN ROAM HEAT NAN MEAN HEN 75: MINI MARS HASH BOTH SITU SING 76: TOW SHIN FLUE ARID AHOY NE 77: SLID LEEK NO TREE STOW BEY 78: RUDY WINE GIFT FUSS AGEE SUE 79: GELD THIN MAID THIN BUD TURF 80: SOFT O SAW SWAB CON RODE Note that though "Enter passphrase" is printed out to stderr, One-Time- Passwords is to stdout. So, you can redirect the output safely. (3) Print skeykeys entry. Use -i option without argments. Then, enter login name, sequence and seed. If you like default value, just type RET. Input your passphrase twice to get the entry. % donkey -i Enter login name [default kazu]: Enter sequence 1 to 999 [default 99]: Enter new seed [default ur18122]: Please choose passphrase between 8 and 256 characters. Enter passphrase : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Re-enter passphrase : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx kazu 0099 ur18122 fc5b023e684968ff Oct 02,1995 16:15:30 WINK SEAM GRAB ROAD HELL FEST
Things to do: Support other one time passwords such as OTP. Support other secure hash functions.


This program is developed by Kazuhiko Yamamoto <kazu@is.aist-nara.ac.jp>. This manual page was written by Fumitoshi UKAI <ukai@debian.or.jp>, based on documents of this program, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). October 4, 1995 DONKEY(1)

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