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man page of kelbt

kelbt: generate backtracking LR parsers


kelbt - generate backtracking LR parsers


kelbt [options]files


This manual page very briefly documents kelbt, a backtracking LR parser generator. For a better reference on how to use it, see the provided examples and the paper at //www.cs.queensu.ca/~thurston/thurston_CASCON_06_btlr.pdf
-h, -H, -?, --help Print this usage and exit -v, --version Print version information and exit -o file Write output to file -V Generate a Graphviz dotfile -i Show branch point info -t Force top-down with unique empty productions -l Inhibit writing of #line directives
kelbt was written by Adrian Thurston <thurston@cs.queensu.ca>. KELBT(1)

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