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kdenlive_render: Render program for Kdenlive.


kdenlive_render - Render program for Kdenlive.


kdenlive_render [-erase] [in=pos] [out=pos] [render] [profile] [rendermodule] [player] [src] [dest] [[arg1] [arg2] ...]


Render program for Kdenlive. Renders kdenlive project detached from Kdenlive, while providing feedback through kuiserver. This program is not meant to be called directly by users, but is called from Kdenlive, when a rendering process is started.
Options: -erase If present, src file will be erased after rendering in=pos Start rendering at frame pos out=pos End rendering at frame pos render Path to MLT melt render program profile The MLT video profile rendermodule The MLT consumer used for rendering, usually it is avformat player Path to video player to play when rendering is over, use '-' to disable playing src Source file - usually MLT playlist dest Destination file args Space separated libavformat arguments
KDENLIVE_RENDER_LOG If $KDENLIVE_RENDER_LOG is set, a log will be written to /tmp/kdenlive_render.log.XXXXXXXX, that contains information about the result of calling melt, ffmpeg, etc. This can be used for debugging.


Please see the homepage at //www.kdenlive.org/


Jean-Baptiste Mardelle <jb@kdenlive.org> Marco Gittler <g.marco@freenet.de> KDENLIVE_RENDER(1)

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