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man page of kde4-window-decorator

kde4-window-decorator: Compiz window decorator for the KDE desktop environment


kde4-window-decorator - Compiz window decorator for the KDE desktop environment


kde4-window-decorator [options]


kde4-window-decorator is a window decorator for compiz that provides a look and feel similar to that of the default KDE window manager.
kde4-window-decorator accepts the following options: --replace Replaces any running window decorator. --opacity float Sets the decoration opacity (range: 0.0-1.0, default: 0.75). --no-opacity-shade Disables opacity shading for decorations. --active-opacity float Sets the opacity for active decorations (range: 0.0-1.0, default: 1.0). --no-active-opacity-shade Disables opacity shading for active decorations. --help Prints the list of accepted options.
kde4-window-decorator was written by David Reveman <davidr@novell.com> and others. This manual page was written by Thierry Reding <thierry@gilfi.de>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). January 3, 2007 KDE4-WINDOW-DECORATOR(1)

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