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man page of kateenc

kateenc: create Kate streams from text input


kateenc - create Kate streams from text input


kateenc [-hVrM] [-o outfile] [-l language] [-c category] [-s serial] [-C tag=value] [-R threshold] [-K threshold] -t filetype [ infile ]
kateenc creates Kate streams from input files (SubRip SRT subtitles, LRC lyrics, and libkate's custom description language). When saved to an Ogg stream (the default behavior), a Kate stream may then be merged with other Ogg streams (eg, a Theora video) using the oggz tools.
-h Show command line help. -V Show version information. -r Write raw Kate streams (experimental) rather than Kate-in-Ogg. -M Allow simple HTML-like markup in SRT files. If this parameter is used, strings such as "<i>" will be interpreted to mean italics, rather than appear as such. Note that various players interpret a slightly different set of HTML tags, and some do not. -o outfile Write the output Kate stream to the given file name (writes to stdout if not specified). -l language Sets the language for the stream (default is the language specified in the input, or none). -c category Sets the category for the stream (default is the category specified in the input, or none). -s serial Sets the serial number for the output Kate stream (does not apply to raw streams). -C tag=value Adds a comment to encode into the output Kate stream. The comment must be of the form tag=value, and comply with the Vorbis comment rules (eg, tag is composed of a particular subset of ASCII characters, and value is valid UTF-8). Note that you might have to escape or quote the comment for it to be seen as a single command line parameter. -t filetype Specifies the type of the input (srt, lrc, kate) -R threshold Use repeat packets, with the given threshold (in seconds). Data packets will be repeated at intervals of roughly threshold seconds, while active. -K threshold Use keepalive packets, with the given threshold (in seconds). Keepalive packets will be emitted when no other packet has been emitted for roughly threshold seconds.


Create a Kate stream for Welsh subtitles from a SubRip file: kateenc -t srt -l cy -c SUB -o output.ogg input.srt


katedec(1), katalyzer(1) KATEENC(1)

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