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gdmd: wrapper script for gdc that emulates the dmd command


gdmd - wrapper script for gdc that emulates the dmd command


gdmd files.d { -switch }


files.d files.htm files.html D source files files.di D interface files files.o Object files to link in files.a Library files to link in -arch pass -arch option to gdc -c compile only, do not link -cov do code coverage analysis -d allow deprecated features -debug compile in debug code -debug=level compile in debug code <= level -debug=ident compile in debug code identified by ident -deps=filename write module dependencies to filename -g add symbolic debug info -gt add trace profiling hooks (not supported under linux) -H generate 'header' file -Hdhdrdir write 'header' file to hdrdir directory -Hffilename write 'header' file to filename -inline do function inlining -Llinkerflag pass linkerflag to linker -lib generate library -O optimize -o- do not write object file -odobjdir write object files to directory objdir -offilename name output file to filename -op do not strip paths from source file -Ipath where to look for imports path is a ; separated list of paths. Multiple -I's can be used, and the paths are searched in the same order. -pipe use pipes instead of intermediate files -profile profile runtime performance -quiet suppress unnecessary error messages -q<arg1>[,<arg2>,<arg3>,...] Pass the comma-separated arguments to gdc -release compile release version -run run resulting program, passing args -unittest compile in unit tests -v verbose -vdmd Print commands executed by this wrapper script -version=level compile in version code >= level version=ident compile in version code identified by ident -X generate JSON file -Xffilename write JSON to filename


Copyright (C) 2004 David Friedman Modified by (C) 2010 Iain Buclaw (C) 2010 Michael Parrott (C) 2010 Vincenzo Ampolo GDMD(1)

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