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gdeskcal: A cute little eye-candy calendar for your desktop.


gdeskcal - A cute little eye-candy calendar for your desktop.


gdeskcal [ options ]


gdeskcal is a cute little eye-candy calendar for your desktop. It features transparency with smooth alpha-blending and its appearance can be changed completely by using skins.
gdeskcal accepts the following options: --help Displays help about the command line options and exits. --dontsave Tells 'gDeskCal' not to save any configuration changes on exit. --dpi=<resolution> Tells 'gDeskCal' that the screen resolution is <resolution> dots per inch. You normally don't have to use this option since 'gDeskCal' can guess the value. This option affects the scaling of fonts. --opaque Causes the calendar to be opaque so you cannot see the background through it. This setting will not be saved. --skin=<skin> The name of the skin to use. A skin's name is the name of its directory. -x <value> The x coordinate. -y <value> The y coordinate.
gdeskcal was written by Martin Grimme <martin@pycage.de>. This manual page was written by Sebastien Bacher <seb128@debian.org>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). February 24, 2003 GDESKCAL(1)

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