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gdc: D Front End for GCC

gdc - D Front End for GCC
gdc [ -switch ] files.d Only the new options are listed here; gdc accepts mostly the same options as gcc.


files.d files.htm files.html D source files files.di D interface files files.o Object files to link in files.a Library files to link in -fall-sources For each source file on the command line, semantically process each file preceding it. Use this if compilation errors occur due to complicated -f[no-]bounds-check Controls array bounds checking circular module references. This will slow compilation noticeably. -fdeprecated allow deprecated features -fdeps=<filename> output module dependencies to <filename> -femit-templates[=full|private|none|auto] Controls whether or not template code is emitted. full Emit templates, expecting multiple copies to be merged by the linker. private Emit templates, but make them private to the translation unit. The executable will have multiple copies of code and data. none Do not emit templates at all. auto For targets that support templates, the "full" mode is used. Otherwise, the "private" mode is used. -fintfc generate D interface files -fintfc-dir=<dir> write D interface files to directory <dir> -fintfc-file=<filename> wite D interface file to <filename> -frelease compile release version -funittest compile in unit tests -fversion=ident compile in version code identified by ident -fXf=<filename> output JSON to <filename>




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