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gdal_contour: gdal_contour builds vector contour lines from a raster elevation model


gdal_contour - gdal_contour builds vector contour lines from a raster elevation model
Usage: gdal_contour [-b <band>] [-a <attribute_name>] [-3d] [-inodata] [-snodata n] [-f <formatname>] [-i <interval>] [-off <offset>] [-fl <level> <level>...] [-nln <outlayername>] <src_filename> <dst_filename>
This program generates a vector contour file from the input raster elevation model (DEM). Starting from version 1.7 the contour line-strings will be oriented consistently. The high side will be on the right, i.e. a line string goes clockwise around a top. -b band: picks a particular band to get the DEM from. Defaults to band 1. -a name: provides a name for the attribute in which to put the elevation. If not provided no elevation attribute is attached. -3d: Force production of 3D vectors instead of 2D. Includes elevation at every vertex. -inodata: Ignore any nodata value implied in the dataset - treat all values as valid. -snodata value: Input pixel value to treat as 'nodata'. -f format: create output in a particular format, default is shapefiles. -i interval: elevation interval between contours. -off offset: Offset from zero relative to which to interpret intervals. -fl level: Name one or more 'fixed levels' to extract. -nln outlayername: Provide a name for the output vector layer. Defaults to 'contour'.


This would create 10meter contours from the DEM data in dem.tif and produce a shapefile in contour.shp/shx/dbf with the contour elevations in the 'elev' attribute. gdal_contour -a elev dem.tif contour.shp -i 10.0


Frank Warmerdam <warmerdam@pobox.com>, Silke Reimer <silke@intevation.de> GDAL_CONTOUR(1)

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