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man page of gct-tool

gct-tool: Command line tool for manipulation of Gwenhywfar CryptTokens.


gct-tool - Command line tool for manipulation of Gwenhywfar CryptTokens.
gct-tool [global options] <command> [command options]
The gct-tool command can be used for manipulation of Gwenhywfar CryptTokens. AqBanking uses such Gwenhywfar CryptTokens to handle the various authentication mechanisms (like chipcards or key files) in a unified fashion.


-C PARAM, --cfgfile=PARAM Specify the configuration file --forcepin force pin entry even if the error counter is not zero -h, --help Show this help screen


create This command creates a crypt token showuser Display user data stored on the token showkey Display key info stored on the token update Update Crypt Token to newer version (e.g. OpenHBCI keyfiles) setsignseq Set the signature sequence counter of a Gwenhywfar CryptToken. changepin Change the PIN of a Gwenhywfar CryptToken. For help on options available to specific commands, run gct-tool <COMMAND> --help.


Probably lots, please post them to the mailing list (see Resources below) when you find them.


Copyright (C) Martin PreuB. Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL). The manpage was composed by Micha Lenk and converted by the nifty tool AsciiDoc into a manpage.
Micha Lenk <micha@lenk.info> Author. 06/14/2011 GCT-TOOL(1)

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