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gcipher: a simple encryption tool

gcipher - a simple encryption tool
gcipher gcipher [CIPHEROPTIONS]... [INPUT] [OUTPUT] gcipher [CIPHEROPTIONS]... -p PROXIEDHOST PROXIEDPORT LISTENINGPORT CIPHEROPTIONS: (-c | -C) CIPHER [-k KEY] "-" may be used for either INPUT or OUTPUT to represent STDIN or STDOUT respectively.


Show the GUI: gcipher Encrypt a file using the Gie cipher: gcipher -c Gie inputfile outputfile Decrypt STDIN and output to STDOUT using Rot13: gcipher -C Rot -k 13 Listen on port 1027 and act as a proxy for port 1028 on gnu.org. Decrypt the data coming from gnu.org and encrypt data going to gnu.org using Vigenere with key linux: gcipher -c Vigenere -k linux -p gnu.org 1028 1027


This is a simple encryption tool to work with home-grown encryption algorithms. It can run as either a GUI, a command-line application, or a network proxy. -c CIPHER encrypt using the given cipher -C CIPHER decrypt using the given cipher -k KEY set the key for the previous cipher -p PROXIEDHOST PROXIEDPORT LISTENINGPORT act as a network proxy


Gie a simple cipher doable by hand; no key is required Caesar Julius Caesar's code; no key is required Rot linear rotation; the amount of the rotation is given by the key which must be a number in the range [0, 25] Vigenere a version of ROT that uses a private key; the key must be made of lower-case letters


.gcipher/plugins See plugins/README in a source distribution for more instructions on creating new plugins.
Written by Shannon -jj Behrens.
Report bugs to <jjinux@yahoo.com>.


Copyright (C) 2003 Shannon -jj Behrens. This is open source software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. GCIPHER(1)

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