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gbsplay: Gameboy sound player


gbsplay - Gameboy sound player
gbsplay [options] gbs-file [start-subsong [stop-subsong] ]
gbsplay emulates the sound hardware of the Nintendo Gameboy. It is able to play the sounds from a Gameboy module dump (.GBS format) over /dev/dsp.


-E endian Set endian to endian. Valid values are b, l and n for big, little and native endian respectively. -f fadeout-time Set fadeout time to subsong-gap seconds. Instead of cutting of the subsong hard, do a soft fadeout. Default value is 3 seconds. -g subsong-gap Set subsong gap to subsong-gap seconds. Before playing the next subsong after the subsong timeout, play subsong-gap seconds of silence. Default value is 2 seconds. -h Display short help and exit. -l Enable loop mode. When the last subsong is played, playback starts again with the first subsong. Default is no loop. -o plugin Select sound output plugin plugin. Default depends on compilation options. Select list to view a list of all available output plugins. -q Be quieter, reduce verbosity. Can be applied multiple times. Default verbosity is 3. -r samplerate Set the samplerate to samplerate Hz. Default value is 44100Hz. -R refresh-delay Set the refresh delay to refresh-delay milliseconds. Default value is 33 milliseconds. Larger values will lower CPU usage, but things as subsong changes, fadeouts, reactions to keypresses and the on-screen display will be delayed. -t subsong-timeout Set subsong timeout to subsong-timeout seconds. When a subsong has been played for the given time, the player will skip to the next subsong. A timeout of 0 seconds disables automatic subsong changes. Default value is 120 seconds. -T silence-timeout Set silence timeout to silence-timeout seconds. When a subsong contains silence for the given time, the player will skip to the next subsong. Default value is 2 seconds. -v Increase verbosity, print more information. Can be applied multiple times. Default verbosity is 3. -V Display version number and exit. -z Play subsongs in shuffle mode. Every subsong will be played once in random order. -Z Play subsongs in random mode. Like shuffle mode, but a subsong can be played multiple times. -1 Mute channel 1 on start. -2 Mute channel 2 on start. -3 Mute channel 3 on start. -4 Mute channel 4 on start.


gbs-file The sound file to play. Must be in uncompressed .GBS format. start-subsong The subsong from the sound file to play. If not specified, the default song will be played (unless in shuffle or random mode). An out-of-bounds number will be clipped to the possible range of subsongs. stop-subsong gbsplay stops when this subsong has been played. If not specified or out-of-bound, gbsplay will stop after playing the last subsong.


gbsplay supports basic keyboard control. The following commands are recognized: p Skip to the previous subsong. n Skip to the next subsong. q or Esc Quit gbsplay. Space Toggle play/pause. 1 Mute/unmute channel 1. 2 Mute/unmute channel 2. 3 Mute/unmute channel 3. 4 Mute/unmute channel 4.


/etc/gbsplayrc Default location of the global configuration file. ~/.gbsplayrc User configuration file.
gbsinfo(1), gbsplayrc(5)
If you encounter bugs, please report them via //gbsplay.berlios.de/ or write to <gbsplay-dev@lists.berlios.de>.


gbsplay was written by Tobias Diedrich <ranma+gbsplay@tdiedrich.de> (with contributions from others, see README).


gbsplay is licensed under GNU GPL. GBSPLAY(1)

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