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man page of gbp-create-remote-repo

gbp-create-remote-repo: Create remote repositories


gbp-create-remote-repo - Create remote repositories


gbp-create-remote-repo [ --verbose ] [ --color=[auto|on|off] ] [ --remote-url-pattern=url-pattern ] [ --remote-name=name ] [ --[no-]pristine-tar ] [ --debian-branch=branch_name ] [ --upstream- branch=branch_name ] [ --[no-]track ]


gbp-create-remote-repo creates a repository at a remote location via ssh and pushes the local repository into it. It then sets up remote branch tracking so you can use gbp-pull to update your repo from there. Note: By default the remote repositories are created in the collab- maint repository on git.debian.org.


--remote-url-pattern=pattern Where to create the remote repository. The part %(pkg)s will be replaced by the package name. --remote-name=name What name git will use when refering to that repository, e.g. 'origin'. --debian-branch=branch_name The branch in the Git repository the Debian package is being developed on, default is master. --upstream-branch=branch_name The branch in the Git repository the upstream sources are put onto. Default is upstream. --pristine-tar Whether to push the pristine tar branch. --verbose -v verbose execution --color=[auto|on|off] Whether to use colored output. --[no-]track Whether to set up branch tracking for the debian, upstream and pristine-tar branches.
Four configuration files are parsed to set defaults for the above commandline arguments: /etc/git-buildpackage/gbp.conf system wide configuraton ~/.gbp.conf per user configuration .gbp.conf per branch configuration, can be published with the repository debian/gbp.conf per branch configuration, can be published with the repository .git/gbp.conf per repository configuration See /etc/git-buildpackage/gbp.conf for an example.
git-buildpackage(1), gbp-pull(1)


Guido Guenther <agx@sigxcpu.org> 07 July 2011 GBP-CREATE-REMOTE-REPO(1)

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