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man page of gauche-config

gauche-config: retrieve configuration parameters of Gauche


gauche-config - retrieve configuration parameters of Gauche


gauche-config option


Gauche-config displays various parameters specified at the configuration time of the Gauche Scheme implementation. It can be used in Makefile and other configuration scripts that uses Gauche.


General parameters -V Gauche version. --reconfigure Prints the command line used to configure the current Gauche installation. It is pretty handy to configure another Gauche source tree with the same configuration; just type 'gauche-config --reconfigure | sh'. Parameters to compile an application using Gauche -I, -L, -l List of "-I" options (include directories), "-L" options (library directories), and "-l" options (libraries) for the compiler which are required to compile applications that links Gauche library. --cc Name of the compiler used to compile the current installation. --ac Directory name that contains Gauche specific autoconf macro. --arch The architecture signature, which is used in the pathname of architecture-dependent files, e.g. "i686-pc-linux-gnu". Parameters to install files --syslibdir, --sysarchdir, --sysincdir Directories where the Gauche core system's Scheme files, architecture-dependent files, and header files are installed, respectively. These directories belong to Gauche core; additional packages should not put files in them. --sitelibdir, --sitearchdir, --siteincdir Directories where the additional packages will put Scheme files, architecture-dependent files, and header files, respectively. --pkglibdir, --pkgarchdir, --pkgincdir Same as --sitelibdir etc, except that the base directory name is left as '${datadir}'. The result is suitable to be embedded in Makefiles, for the base directory could be overridden at build time rather than configure time. The default template for Gauche extension packages use these options. --mandir, --infodir Directories where gauche manpage and info docs are installed. Parameters to compile Gauche extention --object-suffix Extension of the compiled objects (e.g. 'o'). --executable-suffix Suffix of the executable (usually empty on Unix variants, and '.exe' on Windows. Note that '.' is a part of suffix in this option, as opposed to other -suffix options. --so-suffix Extension of the dynamically loadable (dlopen-able) modules (e.g. 'so' or 'dll'). --so-cflags Flags required to compile shared object. --so-ldflags Flags required to link a gauche extension. --so-libs Libraries to be linked with a gauche extension. --dylib-suffix Suffix for dynamically linked libraries. Some unix variants require special suffix (such as 'dylib'). On other platforms this is the same as '--so-suffix'. --dylib-ldflags Flags required to link dynamically linked library file. Some unix variants require special flags. On other platforms this is the same as '--so-ldflags'. --rpath-flag Compler flag(s) to embed RPATH in the binary. --libgauche-so The name of shared library of libgauche.
Shiro Kawai (shiro @ acm . org)
gosh(1), gauche-package(1) Gauche Scheme script engine: //practical-scheme.net/gauche/ GAUCHE-CONFIG(1)

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