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man page of gamera_gui

gamera_gui: GUI for the Gamera framework


gamera_gui - GUI for the Gamera framework
gamera_gui [options] [script [script_args]]
-h, --help show this help message and exit -p, --progress-bar [console] Display textual progress bars on stdout --default-dir=DEFAULT_DIR [gui] The default directory when opening files --grid-max-cell-width=GRID_MAX_CELL_WIDTH [grid] Maximum width of a grid cell --grid-max-cell-height=GRID_MAX_CELL_HEIGHT [grid] Maximum height of a grid cell --grid-max-label-length=GRID_MAX_LABEL_LENGTH [grid] Maximum length (in pixels) of the row labels in the grid --grid-cell-padding=GRID_CELL_PADDING [grid] Amount of padding around the glyphs in the grid --grid-ncols=GRID_NCOLS [grid] Number of columns in the grid --xml-encoding=XML_ENCODING [xml] Character encoding to use when saving XML files --shell-font-face=SHELL_FONT_FACE [shell] Font face used in the shell --shell-font-size=SHELL_FONT_SIZE [shell] Font size used in the shell -eEXECFILE, --execfile=EXECFILE [shell] Run execfile(...) on the given file. This argument may be given multiple times -vVERBOSITY_LEVEL, --verbosity-level=VERBOSITY_LEVEL [shell] when non zero, debug messages on loaded plugins etc. are written to stdout. GAMERA_GUI(1)

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