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gac: The GAP Compiler


GAC - The GAP Compiler


gac [-c|-d] [-o <output>] {-f<option>} <input>...


GAC compiles the input files. Input files must be GAP source code (suffix '.g' or '.gap'), C source code (suffix '.c'), or compiled code files (suffix '.o'). If neither -c nor -d is given, then 'gac' produces a new kernel, which contains the compiled code for all the input files. -c Compiles the input files to statically loadable object files, which must be linked together to a new kernel. -d Compiles the input files to dynamically loadable object files, which can be loaded by a kernel at runtime. -C Only compiles the input files to C code, which will require compilation and linking to be usable. -r Statically compiled files will be assumed to be given by pathnames relative to the GAP root, and will be compiled for automatic loading when files are sought relative to the GAP root. -o <output> Name the output file <output>. -ffast-int-arith Emit code for arithmetic operations, which works faster if both operands are small integers and slower otherwise. -ffast-plain-lists Emit code for list access, which works faster if the list is a plain list and slower otherwise. -ffast-list-funcs Inline the functions 'Add' and 'Length' the code, which makes it a bit faster. -fno-check-types Emit no error checks for list access, which makes it faster but may dump core if an error happens. -p <option> Pass the option <option> to the C compiler. -P <option> Pass the option <option> to the C linker.
gap(1) You can read the complete manual in /usr/share/gap/doc or you can use the online help system. Type ?help inside GAP to access it.
The GAP Group <//www.gap-system.org>


Copyright (1987--2006) by the GAP Group, GAP is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. GAC(1)

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