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g.remove: Removes data base element files from the user's current mapset.

g.remove - Removes data base element files from the user's current mapset.
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g.remove g.remove help g.remove [-f] [rast=string[,string,...]] [rast3d=string[,string,...]] [vect=string[,string,...]] [oldvect=string[,string,...]] [asciivect=string[,string,...]] [icon=string[,string,...]] [labels=string[,string,...]] [sites=string[,string,...]] [region=string[,string,...]] [region3d=string[,string,...]] [group=string[,string,...]] [3dview=string[,string,...]] [--verbose] [--quiet] Flags: -f Force remove --verbose Verbose module output --quiet Quiet module output Parameters: rast=string[,string,...] rast file(s) to be removed rast3d=string[,string,...] rast3d file(s) to be removed vect=string[,string,...] vect file(s) to be removed oldvect=string[,string,...] oldvect file(s) to be removed asciivect=string[,string,...] asciivect file(s) to be removed icon=string[,string,...] icon file(s) to be removed labels=string[,string,...] labels file(s) to be removed sites=string[,string,...] sites file(s) to be removed region=string[,string,...] region file(s) to be removed region3d=string[,string,...] region3d file(s) to be removed group=string[,string,...] group file(s) to be removed 3dview=string[,string,...] 3dview file(s) to be removed


g.remove allows the user to remove specified data base element files from the current mapset.


For example, the below command will cause the raster maps named soils, slope, and temp, the vector maps named roads and rail, and the imagery group files named nhap.1 and nhap.2, and these files' associated support files (e.g., cell header files, category files, etc.), to be removed from the user's current mapset. g.remove rast=soils,slope,temp vect=roads,rail group=nhap.1,nhap.2


If a particular data base element file has support files associated with it (e.g., as is commonly the case with raster maps), g.remove will remove these support files along with the data base element file specified. The user can only use g.remove to remove data files existing under the user's current mapset. To remove multiple files, the script g.mremove may be used.
$GISBASE/etc/element_list lists the element types whose files can be removed by the user.
g.copy g.list g.rename g.mremove


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