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g.mremove: Removes data base element files from the user's current mapset.


g.mremove - Removes data base element files from the user's current mapset.
general, map management
g.mremove g.mremove help g.mremove [-refb] [rast=string[,string,...]] [rast3d=string[,string,...]] [vect=string[,string,...]] [oldvect=string[,string,...]] [asciivect=string[,string,...]] [icon=string[,string,...]] [labels=string[,string,...]] [sites=string[,string,...]] [region=string[,string,...]] [region3d=string[,string,...]] [group=string[,string,...]] [3dview=string[,string,...]] [--verbose] [--quiet] Flags: -r Use basic regular expressions instead of wildcards -e Use extended regular expressions instead of wildcards -f Force removal (required for actual deletion of files) -b Remove base maps --verbose Verbose module output --quiet Quiet module output Parameters: rast=string[,string,...] rast file(s) to be removed rast3d=string[,string,...] rast3d file(s) to be removed vect=string[,string,...] vect file(s) to be removed oldvect=string[,string,...] oldvect file(s) to be removed asciivect=string[,string,...] asciivect file(s) to be removed icon=string[,string,...] icon file(s) to be removed labels=string[,string,...] labels file(s) to be removed sites=string[,string,...] sites file(s) to be removed region=string[,string,...] region file(s) to be removed region3d=string[,string,...] region3d file(s) to be removed group=string[,string,...] group file(s) to be removed 3dview=string[,string,...] 3dview file(s) to be removed


g.mremove removes data files matching a pattern given by wildcards or POSIX Extended Regular Expressions. If the -f force flag is not given then nothing is removed, instead the list of selected file names is printed to stdout as a preview of the files to be deleted.


Delete all raster maps starting with "tmp_" in the current mapset: g.mremove -f "tmp_*"


g.remove Regular expression (from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)


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