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g.list: Lists available GRASS data base files of the user-specified data type to standard output.


g.list - Lists available GRASS data base files of the user-specified data type to standard output.


general, map management
g.list g.list help g.list [-f] type=datatype[,datatype,...] [mapset=string] [--verbose] [--quiet] Flags: -f Verbose listing (also list map titles) --verbose Verbose module output --quiet Quiet module output Parameters: type=datatype[,datatype,...] Data type Options: rast,rast3d,vect,oldvect,asciivect,icon,labels,sites,region,region3d,group,3dview mapset=string Mapset to list (default: current search path)
g.list allows the user to list user-specified, available and accessible files from mapsets under the user's current location.


If unspecified, files of the specified type from all mapsets in the user's current search path will be listed to standard output. To find out which mapsets are in the cuurent search path, use 'g.mapsets -p'. If the mapset option is set to "." then only maps from the current mapset will be displayed. If the user requests that files from a mapset to which access has been restricted (see g.access) be listed, no files from this mapset will be listed.


List all raster maps: g.list type=rast List all raster and vector maps from mapset "user": g.list type=rast,vect mapset=user


g.access g.mapsets g.mlist


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