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faucc: C compiler generating Intel code for 16 bit/32 bit CPUs.

faucc - C compiler generating Intel code for 16 bit/32 bit CPUs.
faucc [ -B path ] [ -D MACRO [=def]] [ -E ] [ -I path ] [ -L path ] [ -MD ] [-MF file ] [ -MP ] [ -MT target ] [ -O level ] [ -S ] [ -T script ] [ -U macro ] [ -Wl,arg ] [ -Xlinker arg ] [ -b arch ] [ -c ] [ -f arg ] [ -m arch ] [ -nostdlib ] [ -o output ] [ -print-lib-faucc-file-name ] [ --freestanding ] [ --no-stack-protector ] { file ...}


faucc is a C compiler, that can generate Intel 16 bit or 32 bit Code.


faucc tries to mimic the options of gcc. A number of options will be passed to the C preprocessor cpp or to the linker (done via a call to the c-compiler gcc) in unmodified form. -B path Override the directory prefix where cc1 is looked up with path. -D MACRO, -D MACRO=def Define MACRO with the optional initial definition def. If def is omitted, it defaults to 1. -E Only perform preprocessing, but do not run the compiler. -I path Add path to the include path in which header files are searched. -L path Add path to the library search path, in which the linker will look for libraries. -MD Output dependency information while preprocessing. -MF, file Output dependency information while preprocessing to file. -MP, When the preprocessor should output dependency information, it will generate PHONY targets for each dependency. -MT target When the preprocessor should output dependency information, use target as the dependency rule target. -O level Currently ignored. -S Output assembly code. -T script Use script as linker script. -U macro Undefine a previously defined macro. -Wl,arg, -Xlinker arg Pass arg to the linker. -b arch Generate code for arch (either i286 or i386) -c Perform compilation, but do not link. -f arg Pass code generation argument arg to the compiler. See the cc1 man page for possible arguments. -m arch Currently ignored. -nostdlib With this option, the linker will only search for libraries that are passed as command line arguments. -o file Write output to file. -print-libfaucc-file-name Print the full path of the internal compiler library libfaucc.a. -static Perform static linking. --freestanding, --no-stack-protector Currently ignored.


faucc -c hello-world.c -o hello-world.o Compile the program hello-world.c and output the object as hello-wolrd.o. faucc -S -b i286 -o test.s test.c Compile the program test.c to 16 bit code and output the assembly listing to test.s, but do not assemble or link the result yet.


cc1(1) , cpp(1) , gcc(1) , ld(1)
Please report all bugs to FAUcc Team <info@faumachine.org>. FAUcc Homepage [1].
FAUcc Team


Copyright (C) 2009 FAUcc Team. Developed at Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg. FAUcc comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. FAUcc is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. See COPYING for details.


1. FAUcc Homepage //www.faumachine.org FAUCC(1)

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