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man page of econe-run-instances

econe-run-instances: Runs an instance of a particular image

econe-run-instances - Runs an instance of a particular image
econe-run-instances [OPTIONS] IMAGE-ID


econe-run-instances runs an instance of a particular image


--help, -h: Show help --access-key <id>, -K <id>: The username of the user --secret-key <key>, -S <key>: The password of the user --url <url>, -U <url>: Set url as the web service url to use --type <type>, -t <type>: OpenNebula template in which is based this instance -???user-data, -d: Specifies Base64-encoded MIME user data to be made available to the instance --headers, -H: Display column headers IMAGE-ID: The image identification as returned by the econe-upload command


OpenNebula is Copyright 2002-2010, Distributed Systems Architecture Group, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (dsa-research.org)


This manual page was written by Damien Raude-Morvan <drazzib@debian.org>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). ECONE-RUN-INSTANCES(1)

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