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man page of ec2-describe-reserved-instances-offerings

ec2-describe-reserved-instances-offerings: Describe available reserved instances


ec2-describe-reserved-instances-offerings - Describe available reserved instances


ec2drio ([ec2-describe-reserved-instances-offerings]) ec2drio [GENERAL OPTIONS] [OFFERING [OFFERING [...]]] [-z ZONE] [-t INSTANCE-TYPE] [-d DESCRIPTION] [--tenancy TENANCY]
Any command option/parameter may be passed a value of '-' to indicate that values for that option should be read from stdin.
List and describe available reserved instances offerings If all parameters are unspecified, all available reserved instances offerings will be listed.


-K, --private-key KEY Specify KEY as the private key to use. Defaults to the value of the EC2_PRIVATE_KEY environment variable (if set). Overrides the default. -C, --cert CERT Specify CERT as the X509 certificate to use. Defaults to the value of the EC2_CERT environment variable (if set). Overrides the default. -U, --url URL Specify URL as the web service URL to use. Defaults to the value of 'https://ec2.amazonaws.com' or to that of the EC2_URL environment variable (if set). Overrides the default. --region REGION Specify REGION as the web service region to use. This option will override the URL specified by the "-U URL" option and EC2_URL environment variable. -v, --verbose Verbose output. -?, --help Display this help. -H, --headers Display column headers. --debug Display additional debugging information. --show-empty-fields Indicate empty fields. --hide-tags Do not display tags for tagged resources. --connection-timeout TIMEOUT Specify a connection timeout TIMEOUT (in seconds). --request-timeout TIMEOUT Specify a request timeout TIMEOUT (in seconds).


-z, --availability-zone ZONE Find offerings in the specifed availability zone. -t, --type INSTANCE-TYPE Find offerings for the specified instance type. -d, --description DESCRIPTION Find offerings containing the following product description --tenancy TENANCY Specifies the tenancy of the instances, which can be default or dedicated. - default: Tenancy is not restricted. - dedicated: The instance will run on single-tenant hardware, additional charges will apply. -F, --filter FILTER Add a filter criterion for the result-set.


//docs.amazonwebservices.com/AWSEC2/2011-05-15/CommandLineReference //docs.amazonwebservices.com/AWSEC2/latest/CommandLineReference EC2 API command line tools EC2-DESCRIBE-RESERVED-INSTANCES-OFFERINGS(1)

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