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man page of ebzip

ebzip: compress a CD-ROM book

ebzip - compress a CD-ROM book
ebzip [option...] [book-directory]


-f --force-overwrite set overwrite mode to 'force' (same as '--overwrite force') -h --help display this help, then exit -i --information list information of compressed files -k --keep don't delete original files -l INTEGER --level INTEGER compression level; 0..5 (default: 0) -n --no-overwrite set overwrite mode to 'no' (same as '--overwrite no') -o DIRECTORY --output-directory DIRECTORY ouput files under DIRECTORY (default: .) -q --quiet --silence suppress all warnings -s TYPE[,TYPE] --skip-content TYPE[,TYPE...] skip content; font, graphic, sound or movie (default: none is skipped) -S SUBBOOK[,SUBBOOK...] --subbook SUBBOOK[,SUBBOOK...] target subbook (default: all subbooks) -t --test only check for input files -u --uncompress uncompress files -v --version display version number, then exit -w MODE --overwrite MODE set overwrite mode of output files; confirm, force or no (default: confirm) -z --compress compress files Argument: book-directory top directory of a CD-ROM book (default: .) Default action: When invoked as 'ebunzip', uncompression is the default action. When invoked as 'ebzipinfo', listing information is the default action. Otherwise, compression is the default action.


Report bugs to m-kasahr@sra.co.jp.


Copyright (C) 1997-2006 Motoyuki Kasahara EBZIP(1)

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