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man page of eboard-config

eboard-config: program to get information about the installed eboard.


eboard-config - program to get information about the installed eboard.


eboard-config [--prefix|--datadir|--bindir|--version]


This manual page briefly documents the eboard-config command. This manual page was contributed by the developers of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. eboard-config reports the installation options that the currently installed version of eboard was compiled with.
--prefix Returns the prefix under which eboard was installed. --datadir Returns the location in which eboard datafiles were installed. --bindir Returns the directory in which the eboard binaries were install --version Outputs the current eboard version to stdout.
This manual page was written by Daniel Burrows <dburrows@debian.org>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system, but may be used by others. EBOARD-CONFIG(1)

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