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man page of e2ls

e2ls: list files and directories on an ext2 filesystem


e2ls - list files and directories on an ext2 filesystem


e2ls [options] file_specification


The e2ls command is used to list files and directories on an ext2 filesystem. Note: Files deleted via e2rm sometimes will show up even without the -D option. It is being investigated.


-a Show hidden directories. -c Sort by creation time (must include -t when using -l). -d dir Open the ext2 filesystem specified by dir. -D Show deleted files bracketed with ><. -f No sorting of the file list. -i Show the inodes (very useful for the -l option). -l Long listing. -r Reverse the sort order. -t Sort by time.
e2tools(7), e2ln(1), e2mv(1), e2mkdir(1), e2cp(1), e2rm(1), e2tail(1).
The e2tools were written by Keith Sheffield <sheff@pobox.com>. This manual page was written by Lucas Wall <lwall@debian.org>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). March 2, 2005 E2LS(1)

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