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dbicadmin: utility for administrating DBIx::Class schemata


dbicadmin - utility for administrating DBIx::Class schemata


dbicadmin: [-I] [long options...] deploy a schema to a database dbicadmin --schema=MyApp::Schema \ --connect='["dbi:SQLite:my.db", "", ""]' \ --deploy update an existing record dbicadmin --schema=MyApp::Schema --class=Employee \ --connect='["dbi:SQLite:my.db", "", ""]' \ --op=update --set='{ "name": "New_Employee" }'


Actions --create Create version diffs needs preversion --upgrade Upgrade the database to the current schema --install Install the schema version tables to an existing database --deploy Deploy the schema to the database --select Select data from the schema --insert Insert data into the schema --update Update data in the schema --delete Delete data from the schema --op compatiblity option all of the above can be suppied as --op=<action> --help display this help Arguments --schema-class The class of the schema to load --resultset or --resultset-class or --class The resultset to operate on for data manipulation --config-stanza Where in the config to find the connection_info, supply in form MyApp::Model::DB --config Supply the config file for parsing by Config::Any --connect-info Supply the connect info as additional options ie -I dsn=<dsn> user=<user> password=<pass> --connect Supply the connect info as a json string --sql-dir The directory where sql diffs will be created --sql-type The RDBMs flavour you wish to use --version Supply a version install --preversion The previous version to diff against --set JSON data used to perform data operations --attrs JSON string to be used for the second argument for search --where JSON string to be used for the where clause of search --force Be forceful with some operations --trace Turn on DBIx::Class trace output --quiet Be less verbose -I Same as perl's -I, prepended to current @INC
You may distribute this code under the same terms as Perl itself DBICADMIN(1)

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