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man page of dbfdump

dbfdump: dump xBase DBF files as text


dbfdump - dump xBase DBF files as text


dbfdump [-h] [-m] [-r] file


Dumps the contents of file to standard output. The first line contains the field names appearing in file, and each of the following lines contains the field values of a record. Field names and values are padded by spaces to their field widths. Empty fields are printed as the string "(NULL)".


-h Prints the column field definitions before other output. Each field definition consists of a line of the form Field: index, Type=type, Title='name', Width=width, Decimals=precision where index is the zero offset column number of the field; the type indicates the datatype of the field value and is either "Integer", "Real" or "String"; name is the field's name; width is the number of bytes reserved for the field's value; and precision is the number of decimal places of precision for "Real" type fields, and is zero for "Integer" and "String" type fields. -m Prints each record in multiline format separated by empty lines. The first line of a record gives the number of the record in the form Records: record_index where record_index is the zero offset number of the record in the file, and then each field of the record appears on its own line in the format name: value -r Prints the exact bytes occurring in file for field values and suppresses printing "(NULL)" for empty values.
0 Successful program execution. 1 Missing file argument. 2 Failed to open file. 3 There are no fields in file.
The following diagnostics may be issued on stdout: DBFOpen(file,"r") failed. There are no fields in this table!


Frank Warmerdam (warmerdam@pobox.com) is the maintainer of the shapelib shapefile library. Joonas Pihlaja (jpihlaja@cc.helsinki.fi) wrote this man page.


Unless the -r option is given, values in numeric fields that overflow the int or double types of the C language are printed as plus or minus a huge number. For integer fields the huge value is HUGE_VALL from <stdlib.h> and for real fields it is HUGE_VALF.


dbf_dump(1), dbfcreate(1), dbfadd(1), shpadd(1), shpcreate(1), shpdump(1), shprewind(1) DBFDUMP(1)

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