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man page of dbfcreate

dbfcreate: Create an empty xBase DBF file

dbfcreate - Create an empty xBase DBF file
dbfcreate filename[[-s fieldname width] | [-n fieldname width decimals]]...


Creates an empty DBF file called filename with columns described by all the -s and -n options that follow.


-s fieldname width adds a column named fieldname taking textual values of at most width characters. -n fieldname width decimals adds a column named fieldname taking numeric values of at most width digits and precision of at most decimals decimal places. The number of digits of precision should be included in width.


0 Successful program execution. 1 Missing filename argument. 2 Failed to create the file filename for writing. 3 Missing fieldname,width, or decimals argument for a -s or -n option. 4 Failed to add a column given by a -s or -n option.


The following diagnostics may be issued on stdout: DBFCreate(filename) failed. DBFAddField(fieldname,FTString,width,0) failed. DBFAddField(fieldname,FTDouble,width,decimals) failed. Argument incomplete, or unrecognised: arg
Frank Warmerdam (warmerdam@pobox.com) is the maintainer of the shapelib shapefile library. Joonas Pihlaja (jpihlaja@cc.helsinki.fi) wrote this man page.
dbfadd(1), dbfdump(1), dbf_dump(1), shpadd(1), shpcreate(1), shpdump(1), shprewind(1) DBFCREATE(1)

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