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db.out.ogr: Exports attribute tables into various formats.


db.out.ogr - Exports attribute tables into various formats.


database, attribute table


db.out.ogr db.out.ogr help db.out.ogr input=name dsn=name format=string [db_table=name] [--verbose] [--quiet] Parameters: input=name GRASS table name dsn=name Table file to be exported or DB connection string format=string Table format Options: CSV,DBF,GML,MySQL,PostgreSQL,SQLite Default: DBF db_table=name Name for output table


db.out.ogr exports GRASS attribute tables into various formats as supported by the OGR driver on the local system (CSV, DBF, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL, ODBC, etc.).
Export of GRASS table to a DBF table (default format): db.out.ogr points_tab dsn=/tmp/points_tab.dbf Export of GRASS table to a CSV table file: db.out.ogr points_tab dsn=points.csv format=CSV Export of GRASS table into a PostgreSQL table: db.out.ogr points_tab dsn="PG:host=localhost dbname=postgres user=neteler" format=PostgreSQL echo "SELECT * FROM points_tab" | psql postgres
GRASS SQL interface


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