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db.in.ogr: Imports attribute tables in various formats.


db.in.ogr - Imports attribute tables in various formats.


database, attribute table
db.in.ogr db.in.ogr help db.in.ogr dsn=name [db_table=name] [output=string] [key=string] [--verbose] [--quiet] Parameters: dsn=name Table file to be imported or DB connection string db_table=name Table name of SQL DB table output=string Name for output table key=string Name for auto-generated unique key column
db.in.ogr imports attribute tables in various formats as supported by the OGR driver on the local system (DBF, CSV, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL, ODBC, etc.). Optionally a unique key (ID) column can be added to the table.



Import of a CSV table file: Limited type recognition can be done for Integer, Real, String, Date, Time and DateTime columns through a descriptive file with same name as the CSV file, but .csvt extension (see details here). # NOTE: create koeppen_gridcode.csvt first for type recognition db.in.ogr dsn=koeppen_gridcode.csv output=koeppen_gridcode db.select koeppen_gridcode Import of a DBF table with additional unique key column (e.g., needed for v.in.db): db.in.ogr dsn=$HOME/mydata.dbf output=census_raleigh key=myid db.describe -c census_raleigh Import of a SQLite table: db.in.ogr dsn=$HOME/sqlite/sqlite.db db_table=census_raleigh output=census_raleigh Import of a PostgreSQL table: db.in.ogr dsn="PG:host=localhost dbname=ecad user=neteler" \ db_table=ecad_verona_tmean output=ecad_verona_tmean db.select ecad_verona_tmean db.describe -c ecad_verona_tmean


v.in.ogr GRASS SQL interface


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