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db.dropcol: Drops a column from selected attribute table


db.dropcol - Drops a column from selected attribute table


database, attribute table
db.dropcol db.dropcol help db.dropcol [-f] table=name column=string [--verbose] [--quiet] Flags: -f Force removal (required for actual deletion of files) --verbose Verbose module output --quiet Quiet module output Parameters: table=name Table from which to drop attribute column column=string Name of the column
db.dropcol drops a column from an attribute table. If the -f force flag is not given then nothing is removed, instead a preview of the action to be taken is printed.


db.dropcol is a front-end to db.execute to allow easier usage with a special workaround for the SQLite driver to support column drop.


Dropping a column (Spearfish): # work on own copy g.copy vect=roads,myroads db.describe -c myroads # only shows what would happen: db.dropcol myroads column=label # actually drops the column db.dropcol -f myroads column=label db.describe -c myroads


db.droptable, db.execute, v.db.dropcol


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