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db.copy: Copy a table. Either 'from_table' (optionally with 'where') can be used or 'select' option, but not 'from_table' and

db.copy - Copy a table. Either 'from_table' (optionally with 'where') can be used or 'select' option, but not 'from_table' and 'select' at the same time.
database, attribute table, SQL


db.copy db.copy help db.copy [from_driver=name] [from_database=name] [from_table=name] [to_driver=name] [to_database=name] to_table=name [where=sql_query] [select=string] [--overwrite] [--verbose] [--quiet] Flags: --overwrite Allow output files to overwrite existing files --verbose Verbose module output --quiet Quiet module output Parameters: from_driver=name Input driver name Options: dbf,odbc,pg,mysql,sqlite,ogr Default: dbf from_database=name Input database name Default: $GISDBASE/$LOCATION_NAME/$MAPSET/dbf/ from_table=name Input table name (only, if 'select' is not used) to_driver=name Output driver name Options: dbf,odbc,pg,mysql,sqlite,ogr Default: dbf to_database=name Output database name Default: $GISDBASE/$LOCATION_NAME/$MAPSET/dbf/ to_table=name Output table name where=sql_query WHERE conditions of SQL statement without 'where' keyword Example: income = 10000 select=string Full select statement (only, if 'from_table' and 'where' is not used) E.g.: SELECT dedek FROM starobince WHERE obec = 'Frimburg'


db.copy allows the user to copy a table between two databases. Databases can be connected through different drivers (see example).


Attribute tables can be copied manually using db.copy and v.db.connect. Current connection settings are saved in $LOCATION/vector_map/dbln.


DBF -> PG Storing table 'markveggy.dbf' (in current directory) into PostgreSQL through ODBC: db.copy from_driver=dbf from_database=$HOME/grassdata/spearfish60/user1/dbf \ from_table=markveggy to_driver=pg to_database="host=pgserver,dbname=grass6test" \ to_table=markveggy PG -> DBF db.copy from_driver=pg from_database="host=pgserver.itc.it,dbname=testdb" \ from_table=origtable to_driver=dbf \ to_database=$HOME/grassdata/spearfish60/user1/dbf to_table=origtable PG -> PG with condition db.copy from_driver=pg from_database="host=localhost,dbname=meteo" \ from_table=ukraine to_driver=pg to_database="host=localhost,dbname=meteo" \ to_table=selection where="cat < 500" DBF -> SQLite db.copy from_driver=dbf from_database=$HOME/grassdata/spearfish60/user1/dbf \ from_table=ammprv to_driver=sqlite \ to_database=$HOME/grassdata/spearfish60/user1/sqlite.db to_table=ammprv # convenient viewer: sqlitebrowser $HOME/grassdata/spearfish60/user1/sqlite.db SQLite -> DBF db.copy from_driver=sqlite from_database=$HOME/grassdata/spearfish60/user1/sqlite.db \ from_table=ammprv to_driver=dbf to_database=$HOME/grassdata/spearfish60/user1/dbf \ to_table=ammprv
v.db.connect, db.drivers, db.login, v.clean, GRASS SQL interface
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