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man page of dar_cp

dar_cp: disk archive copy


dar_cp - disk archive copy


dar_cp <source file> <destination file> dar_cp -h dar_cp -V
dar_cp is similar to the standard 'cp' command, except it does not stop copying when an I/O error is met. Instead, it skips a bit further and continues to copy the rest of the file, as much as possible. dar_cp only accepts full filename (not directory) as argument. The reason of its existence in dar package is that you need it if you use Parchive with dar and have a corruption on a CD-R or any other read- only medium. You need to copy the corrupted slice on a read-write filesystem, for Parchive be able to repair it using slice associated redundancy files.
-h Displays help usage. -V Displays version information.


dar_cp exists with the following codes: 0 upon normal execution (be some corrupted parted skipped or not) 1 syntax error on command-line 2 could not open source or destination files 3 any other system error met during the copy 5 when some data could not be copied due to I/O error


Any signal sent to dar_cp will abort the program immediately, there is no way to have a proper termination before the end of the process


dar(1), dar_xform(1), dar_manager(1), dar_slave(1)


None actually.
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