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d.zoom: Allows the user to change the current geographic region settings interactively, with a mouse.

d.zoom - Allows the user to change the current geographic region settings interactively, with a mouse.




d.zoom d.zoom help d.zoom [-fphjr] rast=string[,string,...] [vector=string[,string,...]] [zoom=float] [--verbose] [--quiet] Flags: -f Full menu (zoom + pan) & Quit menu -p Pan mode -h Handheld mode -j Just redraw given maps using default colors -r Return to previous zoom --verbose Verbose module output --quiet Quiet module output Parameters: rast=string[,string,...] Name of raster map vector=string[,string,...] Name of vector map zoom=float Magnification: >1.0 zooms in, <1.0 zooms out Options: 0.001-1000.0 Default: 0.75


d.zoom allows the user to interactively adjust the settings of the current geographic region using a pointing device such as a mouse. Like g.region, d.zoom re-defines the settings of the geographic region. However, d.zoom allows the user to change the current region settings interactively, by either outlining the new region perimeter with a mouse, unzoom or pan the region. The graphics display is updated by the module. After the user types the command d.zoom a mouse-button menu will appear directing the user. Additionally the region settings can be modified by running g.region.


Although it is not necessary that the user display a map in the active display frame before running d.zoom, it is helpful to do this for reference. Using parameter -f integrate a pan function, -h facilitates the use for handhelds.
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