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d.title: Create a TITLE for a raster map in a form suitable for display with d.text.

d.title - Create a TITLE for a raster map in a form suitable for display with d.text.




d.title d.title help d.title [-dfs] map=name [color=string] [size=float] [--verbose] [--quiet] Flags: -d Draw title on current display -f Do a fancier title -s Do a simple title --verbose Verbose module output --quiet Quiet module output Parameters: map=name Name of input raster map color=string Sets the text color Options: red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo,violet,white,black,gray,brown,magenta,aqua,grey,cyan,purple Default: black size=float Sets the text size as percentage of the frame's height Options: 0-100 Default: 4.0


d.title generates to standard output a string which can be used by d.text to draw a TITLE for the raster map layer name in the active display frame on the graphics monitor. Output created by d.title can be redirected into a file, or piped directly into d.text to display the map TITLE created by d.title. The map TITLE created will include the map layer's name, TITLE, MAPSET, LOCATION_NAME, geographic region boundary coordinates, and cell resolution. If the -d draw flag is used, then d.title will call d.text for you and the title will be automatically rendered to the display.


The text created with d.text will not necessarily fit within the active display frame on the graphics monitor; the user should choose a text size appropriate to this frame.
For example, a user wishing to create a suitable TITLE for the Spearfish, SD soils map layer and to display this TITLE in the active display frame on the graphics monitor might type the following: d.title map=soils color=red size=5 > TITLE.file d.text < TITLE.file Alternately, the user might pipe d.title output directly into d.text: d.title map=soils color=red size=5 | d.text A file created by d.title can be displayed with d.text. Information contained in this file takes precedence over the color and size parameters for d.text.
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