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d.text: Draws text in the active display frame on the graphics monitor using the current font.


d.text - Draws text in the active display frame on the graphics monitor using the current font.


d.text d.text help d.text [-mpgbrsc] [text=string] [size=float] [color=string] [bgcolor=string] [line=integer] [at=x,y] [align=string] [rotation=float] [linespacing=float] [font=string] [path=string] [charset=string] [--verbose] [--quiet] Flags: -m Use mouse to interactively place text -p Screen position in pixels ([0,0] is top left) -g Screen position in geographic coordinates -b Use bold text -r Use radians instead of degrees for rotation -s Font size is height in pixels -c Ignored (compatibility with d.text.freetype) --verbose Verbose module output --quiet Quiet module output Parameters: text=string Text to display size=float Height of letters in percentage of available frame height Options: 0-100 Default: 5 color=string Text color, either a standard GRASS color or R:G:B triplet Default: gray bgcolor=string Text background color, either a standard GRASS color or R:G:B triplet line=integer The screen line number on which text will begin to be drawn Options: 1-1000 at=x,y Screen position at which text will begin to be drawn (percentage, [0,0] is lower left) align=string Text alignment Options: ll,lc,lr,cl,cc,cr,ul,uc,ur Default: ll rotation=float Rotation angle in degrees (counter-clockwise) Default: 0 linespacing=float Line spacing Default: 1.25 font=string Font name path=string Path to font file charset=string Text encoding (only applicable to TrueType fonts)
d.text.freetype draws text in the graphics monitor's active display frame using TrueType fonts already installed on the user's system. Parameter Notes: at=x,y Locates the text at this screen position (percentage, [0,0] is bottom left). If this option is omitted, the user will be prompted to use the mouse to specify the location. font=name Specifies a font listed in the GRASS 'freetypecap' definition file. charset=name Sets character encoding for input text. (e.g. ISO-8859-1) color=name Sets text color to name or R:G:B triplet. It can also be a hexadecimal value of 0xRRGGBB (deprecated). Options: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, gray, white, and black Default: gray size=value Sets text height in percent of available frame height. Default: 10 align=name Aligns text in this way. Options: ll, lc, lr, cl, cc, cr, ul, uc, ur l?: Lower, c?: Vertically Centered, u?: Upper, ?l: Left, ?c: Horizontally Centered, ?r: Right Default: ll (Lower Left) Command mode: Key {REQUIRED} [OPTIONAL] THIS|orTHAT +, - Relative value r, %, p Radian, Percentage, and Pixels respectively Commands .IP " {0|1} bold (default: 0) [+|-]rotation[r] rotation (default: 0) linespacing linespacing (default: 1.1) To end input, press Ctrl-d on a blank line.


Standard mode: d.text.freetype text="GRASS GIS" -g at=2107055,5603133 \ size=7 path=/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TTF/luximb.ttf Command mode: The following example prints three lines: "GRASS d.text.freetype output", "See test.input file", and "for more details.". d.text.freetype -c .br GRASS d.text.freetype output See test.input file for more details. Command mode instructions may also be read directly from a text file: d.text.freetype -c < test.input


To help users select fonts conveniently, the definition file, $(GISBASE)/etc/freetypecap, is provided. Its format is as follows: font:fontpath:charset:description *default_font:fontpath:charset:description See the file for examples.


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