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d.rast.leg: Displays a raster map and its legend on a graphics window


d.rast.leg - Displays a raster map and its legend on a graphics window




d.rast.leg d.rast.leg help d.rast.leg [-fn] map=string [num_of_lines=integer] [rast=string] [title=string] [position=float] [--verbose] [--quiet] Flags: -f Flip legend -n Omit entries with missing label --verbose Verbose module output --quiet Quiet module output Parameters: map=string Name of raster map to display num_of_lines=integer Number of lines to appear in the legend rast=string Name of raster map to generate legend from title=string Name of raster map to print in legend position=float Position of vertical map-legend separator (in percent) Default: 80


d.rast.leg is a GRASS script which clears the entire screen, divides it into a main (left) and a minor (right) frames, and then displays a raster map in the main frame and the map legend in the minor frame. The main frame remains active when the program finishs.
The legend may be flipped with the -f flag. If the num_of_lines parameter is not given then the legend frame will display as many lines as number of categories in the map, otherwise, it will display the first num_of_lines minus 1 categories with the rest being truncated. The user may adjust the num_of_lines parameter or the size of graphics window to get an appropriate result. The user may specify a second raster map with the rast parameter from which the legend is generated. This is useful to visualize (time) series of raster maps with a common static legend instead of the default dynamic legend. To remove all frames when clearing the display, use "d.erase -f".
d.legend d.erase d.rast


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