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d.path: Finds shortest path for selected starting and ending node.

d.path - Finds shortest path for selected starting and ending node.


display, networking


d.path d.path help d.path [-gb] map=name [type=string[,string,...]] [coor=x1,y1,x2,y2] [alayer=integer] [nlayer=integer] [afcol=string] [abcol=string] [ncol=string] [color=string] [hcolor=string] [bgcolor=string] [--verbose] [--quiet] Flags: -g Use geodesic calculation for longitude-latitude locations -b Render bold lines --verbose Verbose module output --quiet Quiet module output Parameters: map=name Name of input vector map type=string[,string,...] Arc type Options: line,boundary Default: line,boundary coor=x1,y1,x2,y2 Starting and ending coordinates alayer=integer Layer number Arc layer Default: 1 nlayer=integer Layer number Node layer Default: 2 afcol=string Arc forward/both direction(s) cost column abcol=string Arc backward direction cost column ncol=string Node cost column color=string Original line color Default: black hcolor=string Highlight color Default: red bgcolor=string Background color Default: white


d.path enables shortest path vector networking. Costs may be either line lengths, or attributes saved in a database table. Supported are cost assignments for both arcs and nodes, and also different in both directions of a vector line. For areas cost will be calculated along boundary lines.


The user needs to display a vector map before using d.path. The 'from' and 'to' points are entered by mouse into the map displayed in the GRASS monitor, or if the coor option is used they can be specified non- interactively. The actions bound to the mouse buttons are described in the terminal window when running the command. To calculate shortest path non-interactively and save the path to a new vector map, use the v.net.path module.
Interactive shortest path routing on road network (Spearfish region): g.region vector=roads d.mon x0 d.vect roads d.path roads Non-interactive shortest path routing on road network (Spearfish region): d.path -b roads coor=601653.5,4922869.2,593330.8,4924096.6


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