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d.labels: Displays text labels (created with v.label) to the active frame on the graphics monitor.


d.labels - Displays text labels (created with v.label) to the active frame on the graphics monitor.




d.labels d.labels help d.labels [-i] labels=string [minreg=float] [maxreg=float] [--verbose] [--quiet] Flags: -i Ignore rotation setting and draw horizontally --verbose Verbose module output --quiet Quiet module output Parameters: labels=string Name of label file minreg=float Minimum region size (diagonal) when labels are displayed maxreg=float Maximum region size (diagonal) when labels are displayed
d.labels displays a paint label file in the active display frame on the graphics monitor. Each label has components which determine the text, the location of the text on the image, its size, and the background for the text. This file can be generated with the v.label program or simply created by the user as an ASCII file (using a text editor) and placed in the appropriate directory under the user's current mapset and location (i.e. $MAPSET/paint/labels/).
Some of the information stored in the label file is unused by d.labels. This extra information is used by such programs as ps.map. This module was formerly known as d.paint.labels. The the old version of d.labels from GRASS 5, which provided interactive placement and modification of paint labels, still needs to have its functionality merged into this module.


d.font d.text d.font.freetype d.text.freetype d.title ps.map v.label


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