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man page of bespin

bespin: the Bespin style configurator

bespin - the bespin style configurator


bespin presets | demo [style] | show <some_preset> | try <some_config.bespin> | sshot <some_file.png> [preset] [width] | load <some_preset> | import <some_config.bespin> | export <some_preset> <some_config.bespin> | listStyles


This manual page documents briefly the bespin command. bespin is a program that configure the Bespin Qt4 widget style.


[config] Configure the Bespin Style presets List the available Presets demo [style] Launch a demo, you can pass other stylenames show <some_preset> Open demo dialog with a preset try <some_config.bespin> Try out an exported setting sshot <some_file.png> [preset] [width] Save a screenshot load <some_preset> Load a preset to current settings import <some_config.bespin> Import an exported setting export <some_preset> <some_config.bespin> Export an imported setting listStyles List all styles on this System


bespin was written by Thomas Lubking This manual page was written by Guillaume Martres <smarter@ubuntu.com> from the output of bespin -h by Thomas Lubking <baghira-style@gmx.net> for the Debian project (but may be used by others). january 25, 2008 BESPIN(1)

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