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man page of bdfimplode

bdfimplode: Convert a BDF font into GNU Unifont .hex format.


bdfimplode - Convert a BDF font into GNU Unifont .hex format.


bdfimplode < input_font.bdf > output_font.hex


bdfimplode reads a BDF font from stdin and writes GNU Unifont .hex conversion of the font to stdout.


*.bdf font files
hex2bdf(1), hex2bdf-split(1), hexbraille(1), hex2sfd(1), hexdraw(1), hexmerge(1), johab2ucs2(1), unibmp2hex(1), unicoverage(1), unidup(1), unihex2bmp(1), unipagecount(1), uniunmask(1)
bdfimplode was written by Roman Czyborra.


bdfimplode is Copyright (C) 1998 Roman Czyborra, and is released under the following terms (taken from //czyborra.com): "All of my works you find here are freeware. You may freely copy, use, quote, modify or redistribute them as long as you properly attribute my contribution and have given a quick thought about whether Roman might perhaps be interested to read what you did with his stuff. Horizontal rules don't apply."


bdfimplode was written to read a BDF file created by the hex2bdf script. It will not properly handle other BDF files with differing bounding boxes. 2008 Jul 06 BDFIMPLODE(1)

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