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bbmail: mailbox flag for X


bbmail - mailbox flag for X


bbmail [options]


bbmail displays the status of a mailbox and warns when new mail has arrived. It has internal support for mbox and maildir mailboxes. Other mailboxes like MH or pop3 can be checked using an external program. The tool is designed to mimic the look and feel of the Blackbox window manager when used in combination with blackbox bbmail copies the style from Blackbox. A little picture of an envelope shows if new mail is present. Multiple mailboxes can be defined and different envelope colors are used to indicate new mail. If the envelope is pressed with left mouse button a program for example a mail client can be started. When the right button is pressed on the envelope a menu shows up. The menu shows all mailboxes and the new mail/total mail of that mail box. Another option in the menu is reconfigure, which causes bbmail to reconfigure (reread the config files).


bbmail supports the following command line options: -d displayname, --display displayname Set display to displayname -c configname, --config configname Read configuration from configname instead of the default. -v, --version Display version number of bbmail -h, --help Display help on command line options -g +x+y, --geometry+x+y Set the position of bbmail to x,y. Use +x+y to specify the coordinates relative to the upper left corner, use -x-y specify the coordinates relative the lower right corner. This option is ignored when -withdrawn flag is used. -d, --decorated Show bbmail in a normal window with title bar. -w, --withdrawn Put bbmail in the blackbox slit or Windowmaker dock. -s, --shape Don't display the background of bbmail. This only makes sense in combination with the -withdrawn flag
Global configuration: By default the configuration file bbmail.bb can be found in /usr/local/share/bbtools Local configuration: The default configuration file should be placed in ~/.bbtools/ The following options can be set in the configuration file: bbmail.bevelWidth: width Set the width between text label and edge of tool. bbmail.position: +x+y Set position of bbmail. bbmail.withdrawn: boolean Set to True to put bbmail in the blackbox slit or Windowmaker dock. Default set to false. bbmail.shape:boolean Set to True if bbmail shouldn't display its background. This gives a nice effect when withdrawn. Default set to false. bbmail.checkDelay: seconds Delay between checks. After delay mailbox file is checked for change. bbmail.forceCheck.onDelay: seconds Delay between checks. After delay external program to check mail is executed. bbmail.show.newmail.counter: boolean Set to true if bbmail should show the new mail counter. Default set to true. bbmail.show.totalmail.counter: boolean Set to true if bbmail should show the total mail counter. Default set to true. bbmail.show.envelope: boolean Set to true if bbmail should show envelope which flags new mail. Default set to true bbmail.numberOf.digits: "value" Set the number of digits of the new mail and total mail labels. Default it is set to 2, this makes it fit nicely in the slit. bbmail.show.onlyAtnewmail: boolean Set to true if bbmail should only show up when new mail has arrived. Default set to false bbmail.raised: boolean bbmail.autoRaise: boolean bbmail.pressed.runCommand: "command" The command to run when the envelope is pressed (using the left mouse button). This command is overridden by the newmail command. bbmail.numberOf.mailboxes: "value" Set the number of mailboxes you want to define. If set to 0, the environment variable MAIL is used to find default mailbox. bbmail.mailbox.*.type: value Set the type of mailbox to eother mbox, maildir or other. bbmail.mailbox.*.filename: filename The filename of the mbox file or the directory of maildir bbmail.mailbox.*.name: name Name of mailbox, this name is shown in menu. bbmail.mailbox.*.newmail.pressed.runCommand: command The command to run when new mail is indicated. If this command is not defined the command defined by bbmail.pressed.runCommand is used. bbmail.mailbox.*.newmail.runCommand: command The command to run when new mail is received. Example: cat mail.wav > /dev/dsp bbmail.mailbox.*.newmail.bell: boolean If set to true the bell is sound when new mail arrives. bbmail.mailbox.*.newmail: gradient Set the gradient of the envelope when new mail is present. Example: Raised Gradient Vertical Bevel1 bbmail.mailbox.*.newmail.color: color Set the "from" color of the envelope when new mail is present. bbmail.mailbox.*.newmail.colorTo: color Set the "to" color of the envelope when new mail is present. bbmail.mailbox.*.newmail.pressed:gradient Set the gradient of the envelope when new mail is present and the envelope is pressed. Example: Flat Gradient Vertical Bevel1 bbmail.mailbox.*.newmail.textColor: "color" Set the color for the lines in the envelope. bbmail.mailbox.*.newmail.error.textColor: color Set color for the error indication in the envelope. bbmail.menu.justify: justify Set menu text justify to either CentreJustify, LeftJustify or RightJustify. bbmail.menu.bulletStyle: bullet style diamond Set menu bullet style to either diamond bbmail.menu.bulletPosition: "bulletposition" Set menu bullet position to either left or right. bbmail.menu: gradient Set the gradient of the menu. bbmail.menu.color: "color" Set the "from" color of the menu. bbmail.menu.colorTo: color Set the "to" color of the menu. type mbox options bbmail.mailbox.1.newmail.statusFlag: " status" Set the status flag which in used in the mbox file to indicate mail is read. Example for Netscape: X-Mozilla-Status: [89ABCDEF] type other options bbmail.mailbox.1.mode: mode mode: 1- unread mail total mail 2- unread mail read mail 3- read mail total mail 4- ignore second value (for both proc and reversed proc) bbmail.mailbox.1.proc: program The program to run to check for mail, bbmail searches for 2 integers in the output of the program. If none are found an error is reported. Example program MH: flist Example program fetchmail: fetchmail -c | ~/.bbtools/bbmailparsefm.pl
The config file of bbmail doesn't handle spaces after commands very well. BBMAIL(1)

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