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man page of bbcombotest

bbcombotest: Xymon combination test tool


bbcombotest - Xymon combination test tool


bbcombotest --help bbcombotest --version bbcombotest [--debug] [--quiet]


bbcombotest is a Xymon extension script that runs on the BBDISPLAY server. It combines the results of one or more of the normal Xymon test results into a combined test result, using standard arithmetic og logical operators. The resulting tests are sent to the Xymon display server as any normal test - so all of the standard Xymon functions (history, statistics etc.) are available for the combined tests. The tool was born from the need to monitor systems with built-in redundancy and automatic failover - e.g. load-balanced web servers. But other uses are possible.


--quiet Normally, the test status sent by bbcombotest includes information about the underlying test results used to determine the current value of the combined test. "--quiet" eliminates this information from the test status page. --debug Provide debugging output for use in troubleshooting problems with bbcombotest. --no-update Dont send any status messages - instead, the result of the combotests is simply dumped to stdout. Useful for debugging.
$BBHOME/etc/bbcombotest.cfg Configuration file for bbcombotest, where the combined tests are defined $BBHOME/etc/hobbitlaunch.cfg Configuration file controlling when bbcombotest is run.
bbcombotest.cfg(5), bb-hosts(5), hobbitserver.cfg(5), hobbitlaunch.cfg(5) BBCOMBOTEST(1)

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