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bb-webpage: Utility to show a webpage using header and footer


bb-webpage - Utility to show a webpage using header and footer


bb-webpage [options]


bb-webpage is a tool to generate a webpage in the Hobbit style, with a standard header- and footer as well as a Hobbit background. The data to present on the webpage, apart from the header and footer, are passed to bb-webpage in stdin. The generated webpage is printed to stdout.
--env=FILENAME Loads the environment defined in FILENAME before executing the CGI script. --hffile=PREFIX Use the header- and footer-files in $BBHOME/web/PREFIX_header and PREFIX_footer. If not specified, bb_header and bb_footer are used. --color=COLOR Set the background color of the generated webpage to COLOR. Default: Blue --debug Enable debugging output.
hobbit(7) BB-WEBPAGE(1)

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