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man page of bb-datepage.cgi

bb-datepage.cgi: Xymon CGI script to view pre-built reports by date


bb-datepage.cgi - Xymon CGI script to view pre-built reports by date


bb-datepage.cgi?type={day,week,month} --url=URLPREFIX [options]


bb-datepage.cgi is invoked as a CGI script via the bb-datepage.sh CGI wrapper. bb-datepage.cgi is passed a QUERY_STRING environment variable with the type of time-selection that is desired: Either "day", "week" or "month" can be requested. It will then generate a web form with appropriate day/week/month selection boxes, and based on the users' selection a resulting url is built from the URLPREFIX and the time selection. The browser is then redirected to this URL. The URL is constructed from the URLPREFIX, the type-parameter, the value of the "pagepath" or "host" cookie, and the users' selection as follows: type=day The final URL is URLPREFIX/daily/YEAR/MONTH/DAY/PAGEPATH. type=week The final URL is URLPREFIX/weekly/YEAR/WEEK/PAGEPATH. type=month The final URL is URLPREFIX/monthly/YEAR/MONTH/PAGEPATH. YEAR is the full year (4 digits, including century). MONTH is the two-digit number of the month (01..12). DAY is the number of the day in the month (01..31). WEEK is the ISO 8601:1988 week- number (01..53). PAGEPATH is the current value of the "pagepath" cookie if set; if it is not set but the "host" cookie is set, then this host is looked up in the bb-hosts file and the page where this host is found is used for PAGEPATH. These two cookies are set by the default web-header templates supplied with Xymon.
--url=URLPREFIX This specifies the initial part of the final URL. This option is required. --hffile=FILENAME Specifies the template files (from $BBHOME/web/) to use. The default is "--hffile=report". --color=COLOR Sets the background color of the generated webpage. The default is blue. --env=FILENAME Loads the environment defined in FILENAME before executing the CGI script. --debug Enables debugging output. $BBHOME/web/report_form_daily HTML form template for the date selection form when type=daily. $BBHOME/web/report_form_weekly HTML form template for the date selection form when type=weekly. $BBHOME/web/report_form_monthly HTML form template for the date selection form when type=monthly. $BBHOME/web/report_header HTML header file for the generated web page $BBHOME/web/report_footer HTML footer file for the generated web page
BBHOME Used to locate the template files for the generated web pages. QUERY_STRING Contains the parameters for the CGI script.


bbgen(1), bb-hosts(5), hobbitserver.cfg(5) BB-DATEPAGE.CGI(1)

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