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ajaxterm: Web based terminal written in python


ajaxterm - Web based terminal written in python


ajaxterm is a web based terminal written in python and some AJAX javascript for client side. It can use almost any web browser and even works through firewalls.
ajaxterm [options]
A summary of the options supported by ajaxterm is included below. -h, --help show the help message and exit -p PORT, --port=PORT Set the TCP port (default: 8022) -c CMD, --command=CMD set the command (default: /bin/login or ssh localhost) -l, --log log requests to stderr (default: quiet mode) -d, --daemon run as daemon in the background -P PIDFILE, --pidfile=PIDFILE set the pidfile (default: /var/run/ajaxterm.pid) -i INDEX_FILE, --index=INDEX_FILE default index file (default: ajaxterm.html) -u UID, --uid=UID Set the daemon's user id -s SERVERPORT, --serverport=SERVERPORT Use a different port than 22 to connect to the ssh server -t TOKEN, --token=TOKEN Set authorization token. If this option is passed on the command line, the given token must be used when accessing ajaxterm (by adding a ?token=something request argument). -T SECONDS, --terminate-on-idle=SECONDS Terminate if idle for more than SEC seconds (0 means never)


Antony Lesuisse <al@udev.org> Adopted to UTF-8 by Sergej Pupykin <ps@lx-ltd.ru> This manual page was written for the Debian system by Julien Valroff <julien@debian.org> (but may be used by others).


Report any bugs to the author: Antony Lesuisse <al@udev.org>


Copyright Antony Lesuisse <al@udev.org>


- ajaxterm wiki page: //antony.lesuisse.org/qweb/trac/wiki/AjaxTerm - ajaxterm forum: //antony.lesuisse.org/qweb/forum/viewforum.php?id=2 AJAXTERM(1)

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