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man page of afetch

afetch: retrieve an alignment from an alignment database


afetch - retrieve an alignment from an alignment database


afetch [options] alignmentdb key afetch --index alignmentdb


afetch retrieves the alignment named key from an alignment database in file alignmentdb. alignmentdb is a "multiple multiple alignment" file in Stockholm (e.g. native Pfam) format. key is either the name (ID) of the alignment, or its accession number (AC). The alignmentdb file should first be SSI indexed with afetch --index for efficient retrieval. An SSI index is not required, but alignment retrieval without one may be painfully slow.


-h Print brief help; includes version number and summary of all options, including expert options.
--index Instead of retrieving a key, the special command afetch --index alignmentdb produces an SSI index of the names and accessions of the alignments in the file alignmentdb. This should be run once on the alignmentdb file to prepare it for all future afetch's.
alistat(1), compalign(1), compstruct(1), revcomp(1), seqsplit(1), seqstat(1), sfetch(1), shuffle(1), sindex(1), sreformat(1), stranslate(1), weight(1).


Biosquid and its documentation are Copyright (C) 1992-2003 HHMI/Washington University School of Medicine Freely distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) See COPYING in the source code distribution for more details, or contact me. Sean Eddy HHMI/Department of Genetics Washington University School of Medicine 4444 Forest Park Blvd., Box 8510 St Louis, MO 63108 USA Phone: 1-314-362-7666 FAX : 1-314-362-2157 Email: eddy@genetics.wustl.edu AFETCH(1)

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