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man page of adgnumailconverter

adgnumailconverter: Convert GNUMail addresses to Addresses format


ADGNUMAILCONVERTER - Convert GNUMail addresses to Addresses format


adgnumailconverter [filename]


adgnumailconverter converts old GNUMail addresses to Addresses format. The program uses the following heuristic to split GNUMail's name field into Addresses's first/last name fields: 1. Name contains a ",": Split it at the "," and put the first part into last name and the second part into first name. "Mueller, Fritz" -> "Mueller", "Fritz" 2. Name doesn't contain a ",": Split it at spaces and put the last part into last name and everything else into first name. "Johnny B. Goode" -> "Goode", "Johnny B."


adgnumailconverter only takes the filename of the GNUstep address book to convert (usually ~/GNUstep/Library/GNUMail/AddressBook).
//giesler.biz/bjoern/English/Software.html //www.gnustep.org/
Addresses for GNUstep was written by Bjoern Giesler. This manual page was written by Hubert Chan for the Debian project (but may be used by others). November 16, 2006 ADGNUMAILCONVERTER(1)

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